Will Code For Travel Funding

And so it begins…

Now that I’m situated in my (at least semi-permanent) house in Buenos Aires, the time is officially upon us — I’ve made the switch to finding freelance work. I started by emailing some of my previous employers as well as submitting offers on choice Craigslist ads that suit my development style or strengths.

So far so good! I’ve lined up a couple smaller projects which will pay rent for the next month; sweet! Coupled with my savings, I’m excited at how positive the response has been this early into the full-time freelance gig.

Continuing forward once these projects are completed I will email the second half of my previous employers/clients list to see if they have any odds or ends they’d like fixed, also mentioning that I’m accepting new projects; tweeting all the while.

Be a pal and pass on the word that you know of a spectacular, well experienced front-end developer with plenty of WordPress knowledge, an attention to detail, and a good work ethic, won’t you?

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