A scratchpad for Chris Mewhort’s life

est. 2005

Through all my projects, travels, I’ve – on occasion – written down my ideas, and publish my thoughts to friends and family. This blog is the culmination of that, and – as all projects do – has grown into something large.

People hire me to show up #1 in Google’s search results, then they keep me around for the value I bring

During the day I run a boutique online marketing agency helping small businesses understand how to apply themselves to the building blocks of modern business: email, blogging, social networking, and content.

Knowing is a fraction of the battle; consistency is very difficult. That’s where we come in.

Love making something from nothing, by cranking out a few spreadsheets and thinking creatively

The list of businesses I’ve started, managed, then either failed and/or sold to a happy owner is too long to include here, but here are a couple projects I’ve been a part of shaping, or have created myself, that are alive and thriving:

  • WordPress Affiliates – A suite of WordPress plugins & products that allow affiliate marketers to make more money from their websites.
  • A series of affiliate marketing websites which turn a beautiful, high-margin profit each month passively, on auto-pilot. The affiliate marketing space is competitive so I won’t link them here, but this is a wonderful, cheap, business model to get started. Not a get rich quick scheme, but an easy way to learn the ropes.
  • Bogota Graffiti Tour – A walking tour in the heart of Bogota, Colombia, showcasing the beautiful graffiti and street art of the cities walls, and highlighting a few of the many amazing artists who paint the cities walls.
  • Affiliate Magic – An ongoing project where I re-write an entire affiliate marketing management app live on Twitch, and put it up for sale.

I’m a certified WordPress samurai, building the fastest, bestest, most amazing web applications

To keep my sword sharp, I moonlight as a WordPress Expert at Codeable where I – and other high-end quality programmers who’ve passed their rigorous testing and proven themselves to be in the top 2% of all WordPress developers – bid on WordPress projects big and small.

If you need WordPress help from time to time (or ongoing), feel free to check out my agency Client Coffee or swing by Codeable and talk to a bunch of developers.

I’ve got some pretty radical ideas on art & public space

I’ve always been a creative person, loving martial arts and painting, sketching & digital illustration, web design… and I’ve been performing on stage since I was 5 or 6 years old: as a dancer, actor, singer, magician, and stripper. One of those is a fib, but I’ll leave it to you to figure out which.

By far, one of my favourite forms of modern art is street graffiti and it’s surrounding culture. Of course I enjoy the large legal murals paid for by festivals, but more than that I appreciate the rest of the culture as well… the illegal tags and ‘bombs’, painted in the middle of the night, under a moniker. Where the term ‘street cred’ actually means something.

In the graffiti world, you’ll find me geeking out over rare permanent markers, freight train monikers, on dumpsters in downtown city alleys, and freight trains.

But just because I see the beauty in all things creative doesn’t mean everyone else does, so if you’d like to discuss the deeper layers of public space and ownership, I’ve moved that discussion over to an art-specific blog under the pseudonym Chris Opek.