Surprise Visit: A Montreal Summer Adventure!

At the start of June I had 5 friends come out to visit (first Rob, then the next morning Adam, Anth, Connor, and later that evening Miker. Josh Kellett was in town visiting at the same time so he came through, too). We spent the days grabbing coffee☕️, food🍔,...

Growth Expert By Day, WordPress Expert By… Day?

During the day I run a small Consulting Agency, helping small businesses understand the role of blog content and social media, and how it relates to increased search engine rankings once you make it a part of your everyday business.

To keep my sword sharp, I moonlight as a WordPress Expert Developer at Codeable where I and other high-end quality programmers bid on WordPress projects big and small. If you need WordPress help from time to time (or ongoing!), check us out!

Good Code Helps Businesses Thrive

But, what the heck is good code? Why would you invest in a programmer like me, instead of your friend’s nephew down the street who makes beautiful sites on SquareSpace?

What Makes a Good Website?