Natalie Bookchin’s Testament: How to get Laid Off

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  • Post last modified:April 16, 2020
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I saw this video by Natalie Bookchin, from her art project Testament. She explains it best here:

Testament is an ongoing series of video installations made from fragments from online video diaries, or “vlogs” that explores contemporary expressions of self and the stories we currently tell online about our lives and our circumstances. Clips are edited and sequenced like streams and patterns of self-revelation and narrative that flow and dissipate over space and time. As in a Greek chorus, individuals echo, respond to, contradict, add refrains, iterations, and variations, join in, and complete solo narrations. The project reflects on the peculiar blend of intimacy and anonymity, of simultaneous connectivity and isolation that characterizes social relations today.

I love seeing the patterns we have when going through a specific motion (in this case being Laid Off). It makes you realise how predictable human behavior can be. The waves of emotion are caught here and put together in a way that seems seamless. Great work Natalie!


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