The Story Behind Working From Home in Slippers While Helping Businesses Grow Online

After all... Rome wasn't built in a day

About me: I’m Chris Mewhort. I’m a Javascript developer, helping businesses profit from their online marketing.

Originally from a small town off the shores of beautiful Vancouver, B.C., currently living in la belle province de Quebec, in the world famous Montréal.

I’ve always had nerd tendencies, loved electronics and robotics growing up. I latched on to my dad’s old computer back when all there was to do on a computer was word processing and King’s Quest.

I booted off 5 1/4″ floppies for years until we got a Windows 95 machine during Christmas of 1994. From there, my career as a nerd started.

I’m genuinely inspired by learning and educating myself further. I hope you enjoy what you see, here and would love for you to subscribe for updates.