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Improving Your WordPress By Solving Complex Problems, So You Don’t Have To

I work my ass off day-in, day-out fixing broken websites, and improve ones that are already working. Whether your website is f*cked, or you’re just looking to get in your content in front of more customers, I can help you navigate these waters and ensure you make it to the other side safely.

Recent Ideas & Tactics To Improve Your Website

Fuck You. Pay Me.

I love a good swear. Those that know me personally know this best of all. But today I have good reason to swear. I'm actually borrowing the F-word from another, more intelligent, more successful designer, @mike_FTW, who recently did a talk on having contracts in place...

What my mum taught me about the Internet

As a thoroughbred nerd I have dabbled in robotics, web design, industrial design, phone phreaking, hacking cracking, viruses, internet dating, search engine optimization, net scraping, ad nauseum. With that said, I'd be a fool to not have realized that generally the...

Why I am politely declining your partnership proposition

As a young freelancer — especially a traveling freelancer, it seems — I am constantly approached by young entrepreneurs who have brilliant (or self proclaimed money-maker) ideas waiting to blossom. Obviously when I'm being approached it's an online idea and someone's...

Don’t Take My Word For It, Here’s What Some Of My Happy Clients Say About Me

“Great communication, quick turnaround, solid work!”

Keith Crusher

Total Creative

“Chris was responsive and did a great job communicating. To illustrate changes and new workflows, Chris made helpful video walkthroughs. I would recommend Chris to anyone looking for a seamless experience.”

Reid McCall

Energy One America

“I’ve used Chris on a number of personal products and professional endeavours and he has been nothing less than exceptional. Without Chris I truly doubt my business would be where it is today and I will continue to work with him in the future.”

Bryce S.

Resell Cartel

Chris is a secret weapon when it comes to online marketing! Within minutes of asking him for input on my outbound marketing strategy, he handed me a list of qualified leads, saving me several hours of prospecting time. Thanks a bunch!”

Claus Geissendoerfer

CMS Assist

Looking To Improve, Upgrade, or Fix Your WordPress Website?

If you’ve got an idea you’d like to see come alive and own a WordPress website, then you’re right in my sweet spot. Check out my profile on Codeable below, and click “Hire Me” to start the discussion. I will reply within minutes, and we’ll get down to business.