When Beautiful Voice meets Beautiful Person

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In late 2007 I was called by a good friend to come out and support an Open Mic night which was starting at the pizza place she worked. It was the first night, and friends were asked to come out and support. I did so, happily — I’m always there to help friends in need.

What I didn’t know was how thoroughly I would be blown away by her friend (at the time my acquaintance) and co-worker, Christina Maria. Christina and I had hung out on a few occasions; often the case in Vancouver where groups of friends mishmash into a melting pot of like-thinkers. Christina and I had always got along well… She is an incredibly cheerful person who seems to never stop smiling. Her outlook on life is positive and helpful. She is kind beyond necessity and an incredible person over-all.

When I arrived (early) there was a man playing a stylistically strange guitar picking song. Like most open mics, his voice was terrible but he was friendly and happy and the people there were clapping. A few others took to the stage, similarly decent without having a chance at moving up in the music world. It takes a lot of guts to get behind a microphone and project yourself as a musician, especially when you’re unpaid, unknown, and in close quarters with other strangeresque restaurante dwellers; for that I commend anyone who gets up at an open mic.

It came as a pleasant surprise then, that when Christina Maria took the stage she stole the show. It’s easy to love an attractive woman with a great big smile talking about how great life is… It serves as icing on the cake when she begins singing with an angel’s voice. She sat down and began singing my favourite song of hers (although old and hard to find online now) “I Don’t Speak Chinese”. Her brilliant voice was a surprise, I sat there with my jaw on the table listening as she played through a 5 song set. I showed up weekly from then on to hear Christina sing. She has inspired me to be a happier person and understand that setbacks are a good thing as well — they set the bar for success. I present to you, my good friend Christina Maria. I recommend you check out/purchase her albums as well.

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