Nearly two year, I updated my website with a new theme, and published a post exclaiming, “Guess Who’s Back?” before disappearing into the darkness. A quick Google search tells us I’m not alone.

What is it about blogging, writing, creating that creates these ebbs and flows of content? Cory Doctorow points out that despite the pain and anguish he hit when words didn’t come to him, when looking back 6 months to a time that nothing was working to him – as he says, ‘each word stupider than the one before’ – despite all the stresses and lost-sleep and hair-pulling, the writing quality and the quality of work was indiscernible when compared to that when the creative juices were flowing.

This realisation gave way to him acknowledging that, in the moment, he is unqualified to make the decision on what is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ writing, and therefore he was able to disconnect that emotional tie, and just write. Just write.

Hit publish.


Key Take Away: Go write (or record, or draw, or photograph) something and hit publish. Let’s see what you’ve got. Those feelings of, “should I even publish this?” are unfounded. All content is good content, and you owe it to your viewers.

Have a good day.

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