Stop Thinking, Start Blogging

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  • Post last modified:August 19, 2010
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As with any writing profession, often the largest roadblock blogger’s face is lack of inspiration. Content is king in the blog world — any blogger knows that — So when faced with the task of creating great content from an uninspired brain… well, the phrase “you can’t squeeze blood from a stone” comes to mind.

My solution? Stop thinking. There’s no need to explain yourself, there’s no need to gather your thoughts, there’s no need to do anything but begin towards the end goal…

Start writing.

The benefits of bypassing all the pre-emptive organization of thoughts? Ten fold:

  • You actually have something to show
  • You force your mind to think creatively
  • You force your mind to create internal discussion
  • You research ideas which spark other thoughts
  • Your research finds other blog posts on similar subjects, meaning networking opporunities

We know the benefits of having something to show, and the benefits of creative thinking sparks internal discussion, thinking of new ideas, new topics, and often leads you on a Google quest for further information which also drums up new ideas.

From this post I’ve drafted ideas on the Top 5 slept on free Freelance Tools, and Dealing with Limited Connectivity. Found this blog because you’re stuck? Writers block? Go blog something; you already have all the tools and brainpower you need to put that next blog post out — just do it.

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