My mom and dad started me writing in a journal early.

From before I could write, they would transcribe my thoughts onto paper and I would finish the journal by drawing with smelly felts. By the time I was 5 or 6, I was old enough to keep my own journal, and that continued up until I became a teenager and “grew out” of journalling.

Fast forward a decade and along came Chris Mewhort dot com. My journalling (or as we call it these days, blogging) has been spotty, and sometimes I fall off.

After a few years, I seem to come back, update the whole blog, get back in the saddle, and fire up the chainsaw. The rebirth. Over the years, I’d estimate Chris Mewhort dot com has survived 5 or 6 rebirths.

The last post on this blog was over 3 years ago, papa… and that’s been eating at me for some time. So I blew the dust off this mahfucka and I’m ready to roll.

You’re looking at a rebirth, baby!

Guess Who's Back


Long live Yonderboy.

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