2011 is a New Year: There one goes, here one comes…

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2010 out the rear, 2011 fast and coming…

The truth is our parents were right. The years do pick up speed as you go.

Only a year ago we rang in the new year and welcomed the Olympics, and here we are – the cusp of 2011, like a brimming cup of water on the brink of spilling over. Or beer, champagne, whichever best describes it.

I spend this year away from my usual clan of friends and family. The photos on Facebook have been wonderful and hearing from those back visiting their parents has been excellent and has also driven some homesickness.

The holiday season has been great.

I landed in Bogotá, Colombia mid-November, and have been acquainting myself with the city ever since.

I spent Christmas twice: Once on Christmas Eve with a myriad of Countries: Venezuela, Colombia, Spain, Canada, United States, England, Australia. One of each, no repeats!

Then on Christmas I did the re-up, made some of my famous Egg Nog with a group of Gringos.

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