I believe technology is the answer to the problems we’re looking at as North American’s (and beyond).

I’m not talking about global warming, I’m talking about a society which can be infinitely more efficient in our energy usage, water usage, fuel usage, coal, oil, petroleum products. I don’t need to believe the World’s on the tipping point of imploding on itself to think it’s a good idea to save us from chopping down more trees than we need.

I think we can all focus on things like energy efficiency & water usage. Why would we knowingly want to take more than we need? How does that make sense?

I’m rambling. Neighbor Dining has come up with a way to save energy by eating with your neighbours. The idea is you choose to cook for others, and other can sign up to eat at your house. Instead of two kitchen’s cooking, one kitchen’s cooking more food. Added to that, because you’ve cooked for your neighbours the electricity company gives you a discount on your energy bill. Social media & communication like this can turn our society into a more efficient, less resource intensive society. That’s a good thing no matter what side of the fence you sit.

(source: Vattenfall – Neighbor Dining)

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