If I could do anything in the World…

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When I made the switch from code monkey to well… freelance code monkey there were a lot of considered benefits but most importantly was being able to work on projects I want to work on instead of being handed projects/designs I had to work on.

In a similar vein, today I asked myself the question (and for the record this is a question I ask myself outside of work too but in this case I was speaking on professional terms):

“If you could work on anything in the World, what would you work on?”

I came up with the answers WordPress theme development and ActionScript development. Of all careers options I want to be doing web development and of all web development options I want to be doing WordPress theming & ActionScript. Defined. Simple.

The interesting thing is that this isn’t anything new. I’ve always known that I like these types of projects more I’ve just never put it into a question where I answer for myself “what’s the best case scenario here?” and been able to define it to myself. In other words while I’ve always known, I’ve never actually cognitively thought about it. This change of approach to looking at projects has had many offshoot advancements in terms of my freelance direction. What does it all mean — big picture?

Well, aside from now knowing where I want to pick my projects I’ve also been able to define niche advertising markets for myself, further branding, a new email signature, a new approach when quoting projects, and I’m sure a ton more once I delve deeper into what it is I want to be doing while focusing more and more on those two areas!

What a rush! Ask yourself, “What would I be doing if I could be doing anything?” and if the answer is different than what you’re doing now (it almost invariably will be) then make the change. Life is short, spend it being happy.

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