Facebook’s eventual takeover of social interaction

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I know y’all geek haters gonna hate on this one…

I can’t believe how effective Facebook is at documenting my past, and then dynamically connecting it socially with other people who might be interested in me. Traveling you meet a ton of people… A lot of people don’t have phones but you can’t find a British, European, North American, Australian, whatever-soil-you-claim without Facebook. As well, it connects people who get photos of a place when you’ve forgot your camera again.

So you add these 3-night-stand friends from passing through a hostel or hanging out with a group of friends but after 6 months if they invite you to a Like a Page or comment on a picture of you — you’d be fucked to remember who it is. But that’s one of the things Facebook does excellently. Facebook’s friendship feature is crazy! Any photos you’re tagged in or wall posts, comments, messages — whatever — are there. Mutual friends narrow it down greatly.

I guess the ironic part about the whole Facebook debacle is while they’re not building life-changing technology… They’re presenting normal technology it in a way that’s very likely to change much much much more than your life — but Life.

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