This Blog Post will make you cry

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Imagine for a second that you’re most coveted possession (aside from wife & kids), your be-all-end-all, your everything, your entire set of records, invoices, expenses, work, source files, works-in-progress, all just went down the shitter. *flushhh*

Thankfully, the above is a false statement. That’s what could happen to me — and you — since the chances are pretty good that you don’t consistently back-up.

When I worked at a computer repair company the story was always the same, “I’ve lost my work, and no I did not have backup. I will pay and and everything to have my data back.”

More often than not, I would have to send them to a data recovery house, and I wouldn’t hear back from them – I can only assume they got their data back and carried on with life without making backups.

It was such a consistently recurring event that I became completely desensitized to it.

What shocked me was the fact that a business would exist without making regular backups at all!

To me, it’s simple, “If you are running a business and not making backups, you are flat-out stupid.”

Tonight, I doubled my hard drive space strictly to keep a mirror of my working files.

This is important for any business, freelancer, or professional worker and I’ll be damned I’ve I turn into one of those sad souls crying to the computer guy who couldn’t give a shit less, ’cause I’m that stupid business owner.

Viva la backups!

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