BitCoin: Changing our Financial Systems

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Everyone wants to do something big, BitCoin’s actually stepping up and doing something big. Introducing (the beginnings of, if nothing else) an alternative to modern money: BitCoin. I’ll admit the statement may be a tad large, but the idea is a great start and stands in defiance of our current system. We have the combined intelligence and technology to part with our current currency.

BitCoin is a decentralized digital currency. It removes the middle man (a bank) which means extremely lower fee’s, no unpredicted closure to accounts, no limits on transfer amounts, no problems with international transfers, and has a natural algorithm to create more currency on a logical-basis.

I hate rambling when a video can explain it much better:

Like any new idea or concept, adoption is minimal — our current spending options are limited, but support of ideas like this allow for more development and exposure. The project is open source which means any programmer interested in contributing can do so. It’s built on passion and teamwork.

This is an inspiring idea and the bud of many ideas on how we can rebirth, re-imagine, and re-realise our current financial, social, corporate, & political systems.

Di you think this was cool? Leave a comment or check out the BitCon project’s website, We Use Coins.

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