In today’s society, you’re not really supposed to talk about money. While this may be a blanket statement and a gross exaggeration… at school, at work – sometimes even at home – talking about how much money you earn can often be interpreted as bragging or flaunting and is largely considered taboo.

Everyone knows you’re not supposed to share your salary with co-workers, but why not?

Seriously, why not? No one’s been able to give a solid answer (plus I’ve done absolutely zero research on it), so I figured… why not open up my numbers for the World to see?

In 2017, I’ve decided to open up my numbers.

( Is this a huge mistake? Feel free to change my mind in the comments )


Over The Next 12 Months, I’ll Work My Butt Off To Earn $100,000 And You’re Invited To Watch It Happen

scrooge mcduck swimming through his vault of gold

If you grew up watching cartoons in the 90’s, you’ve definitely dreamt of this

Each month I’ll update my blog with the previous month’s income and expenses, some personal performance metrics, and what I’m looking to improve over the following month.

The goal is to earn $100,000 off of my freelance work in 2017.

Since I’ve set a big goal for myself, I plan to also set a big reward for myself to celebrate with once I’ve hit my magic number. If you’ve got an idea for this part, scroll down and leave a comment… I’d love to hear your suggestions. The other day I was spitballing ideas and mentioned renting a Lamborghini for a day and my girlfriend rolled her eyes, but I’ve got a couple ideas going… so the wheels are turning.


Is This Possible? The Modus Operandi And People As Brands

As a programmer, the early adoption of an Internet lifestyle has probably put me ahead of the curve; I admit it may be easier for me to see and understand the ways technology has transformed the workplace over the last couple decades.

In my case, I’ll mainly be finding projects through Codeable, which is hands down the best WordPress freelancer pool on the planet. Check out my profile here. They put programmers like me through the gauntlet to prove our ability and knowledge, so that website owners can feel confident they’re hiring true professionals; people who can code anything and everything to bring your ideas to life.

Today, decentralized offices play an important role in transforming the workforce. Decentralizing your career (that is, not working the 9–5 office model) is a very viable, very effective option for most people, and gives everyone involved far more freedom.

Over the past few decades, open structured businesses have been gaining a lot of momentum. Companies like Whole Foods and Buffer have transparent salary models (heck, you can publicly see Buffer’s actual salary structure spreadsheet here), and within this movement business owners and employees alike have begun to realize their new found potential.

To read more about how this might look in your industry, check out books such as Jason Fried’s Remote: Office Not Required as it attempts to unpack the ways the World’s changing in the Information Age.

These ‘new age’ business owners submit you no longer need to trade forty hours per week with your nose to the grindstone in order to receive a piddly $40,000 before taxes, bank transfers, and fees.

Once you account for rent/mortgage, groceries, kids, clothes, car insurance, gas, childcare, etc., you’re left with a paltry thirty-something bucks to spend on – incoming sarcasm! – whatever the heck you want to.

Call me a dreamer, but I think I’m worth more than that and I think you’re worth more than that and I’d like to show you – the people who follow along on this journey – that $100,000 is within anybody’s reach… whether a programmer, a teacher, an accountant or a lawyer. Let’s do it together.


100,000 Bucks? Why Are You Bragging, Bro?

I had a feeling someone would ask about that so let’s get this out in the open right away… I’ve never earned anywhere close to $100,000 per year and this feels like a huge, lofty undertaking for me. Honestly, I’m pretty nervous.

At the same time, I know it’s easier today than ever before to make $100,000 on your own (I’ve helped a handful of friends do it already) and I want to show you that anyone can do it.

Me embarking on this journey is not an ego thing; I believe Ryan Holiday when he says “ego is the enemy”.

Instead, this journey is born from wanting friends, family, peers, co-workers, and other small business owners to understand that anyone can earn good money while setting their own rules, following their own schedule, and working under their own conditions.

You don’t have to re-invent the wheel. It’s about doing what thousands have done before you and make it happen. Or as Rohan Gilkes says, don’t shoot a basketball like you throw a frisbee.


So… Where Did $100,000 Come From?

The truth is, $100,000 is as arbitrary as the night sky. It’s a number. I could’ve chosen $50,000… $75,000… $80,000… Even $240,000 like my man Nathan Ello is earning on the same site.

With that said, $100,000 is a nice round number – a number that many people would be delighted to earn – and most importantly: it’s something that is absolutely realistic to accomplish in my first year.

At the end of the day, the underlying goal with this project is to pull back the curtain on online business and show you this is possible – if I can do it, so can you.


“You’re so lucky your job allows you to work from home/anywhere!”

This is a lie that people loooove to tell themselves… I hear it all the time. Monthly at least, if not weekly.

Let’s leave the excuses at the door. It’s not because I’m a programmer and it’s not because I don’t have wife and kids to support. There are examples of people from every walk of life, in every situation possible who are making it work. If you want some inspiration:

Rohan posts detailed step-by-step guides for what he’s doing to get the results he is, and has in turn guided hundreds of others to create similar businesses in the same (and similar) industries… from dog walkers, to lawn care businesses, to pressure washing companies… all over the World, people continue to create their own freedom. They earn it. Some of them do it as a side business, others have quit their job and run their business full time.

The ‘you’re so lucky’ fallacy is a mindset issue that needs to be quashed if someone wants to get ahead. It’s a mental obstacle they’re put up in front of themselves.

If any of this is hitting home, or if any of these excuses sound familiar… it’s time to get over yourself. I’m not special… and you’re not special, either.

Together, let’s eradicate the idea that me being a programmer is the reason I’m able to work from anywhere, on my own time, under my own conditions, when and where I want. I’m here to blow that mindset out of existence.

By the end of 2017, I hope that some of you will have decided to hop aboard towards $100,000 annual income. Want to do it? Do it. It’s simple.

But there’s a catch…

It ain’t gonna be easy. Nathan Ello says, “I earned $X by working for it, not wishing for it.” and I think that sums things up pretty nicely.

This isn’t a get rich quick scheme; there’s no smoothies or aromatherapy machines to hawk to your friends and family. If you’re interested in joining along on this journey, please be well-prepared for the mental (and financial) ups and downs – the rollercoaster that lies ahead. You know… good ol’ fashioned hard work.

If you decide not to join along and would rather just watch me do it – or if you’re one of those sick bastards who enjoys seeing people’s hopes and dreams come clamouring to the ground in a magnificent burning fireball – that’s great too! Grab some popcorn and join in – it ain’t over ’til the mushroom cloud hangs ominously over the ashes of my aspirations.


The Next Steps: How To Stay In The Loop And How I Plan To Earn $100,000

Wanted to give you a couple next steps for those interested in following along for the journey:

  1. Sign up to receive updates: Below this blog post you’ll see an opt-in box that will get you signed up to receive updates on the blog, and get the latest Earnings Reports sent directly to your Inbox.
  2. Leave your your personal and business goals (or financial if you’re brave enough!) in the comments: I’d love to hear your feedback on the project, as well as what your goals are for 2017.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be publishing a follow up blog post that dives into some of the finer details on how I’ll get to $100,000. Be sure to sign up to receive updates and I’ll make sure you get early access.

Until next time, stay frosty.



Below You’ll Find My Earnings For Each Month in 2017



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