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After thinking extensively about money, working from home, and being your own boss… I decided to open up about my intention to earn $100,000 in 2017 and in doing so, committed to publishing my earnings as I go. Each month I’m releasing my freelancer Earnings Reports here at the blog. You can read more about it here, or read last month’s earnings.

May was a good month. It started slow, got fast in the middle of the month, and with a pending holiday sans electricity, I over-worked to get it all done.

Let’s dive in…



last month earnings report

(source: Michael Stidham)

A blizzard of contracts – and overtime!

Talk about action-packed.

My girlfriend Maude and I celebrate our fifth anniversary💘  in early June, so we’d planned a NO ELECTRICITY⚡️  getaway at a local eco-blah blah reserve we like to visit.

Rolling into the second week of the month, I could tell there was too much work on my plate to be done for getaway. I refuse to be the 30-something that misses important dates for being a workaholic, so I started working late nights… 2am at first, but there were a couple all-nighters, and a couple 4am sleeps… What could possibly go wrong, am I right?

So imagine the surprise when – come the weekend we are getting away – five friends from the Sunshine Coast show up in Montreal.

But first, the numbers…


In May I opened $3,485 and closed $4,960 (USD)


By the numbers, this was not a bad month… just $39 short of $5,000 USD. Still low for my $8,333/mo goal, but growing.

Last month I said “April suffered because March suffered. Every month that suffers, two, three, four months after that also suffer. This highlights the importance of consistency.” and that showed in May. My biggest month yet.

Five friends flew in to Montréal and surprised me (all planned by Maude) and we had a blast. Can’t thank Maude, or the boys enough for making that happen.



next month's income predictions

(source: Michael Stidham)

With success in mind, let’s look forward to June…

Though both my Opened and Closed income went up – I can’t help but be disappointed that I was $39 short of a $5,000 month in May.

Still, I continued to open project and worked my ass off and it showed. If this became an average month, the $100,000 year is well within reach.

What about you? Leave a comment below and let us know what you’re creating (Yes, even if it’s not for money!!)






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