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After thinking extensively about money, working from home, and being your own boss… I decided to open up about my intention to earn $100,000 in 2017 and in doing so, committed to publishing my earnings as I go. Each month I’m releasing my freelancer Earnings Reports here at the blog. You can read more about it here, or read last month’s earnings.

June came and went in a blur.

As my friends departed the runway, back to their respective swamps and watering holes, I was left with an overflow of May’s work through to the last week of June.

The ups and the downs… Let’s dive in…



last month earnings report

(source: Michael Stidham)

Getting greedy in a freelance market means ‘petal to the metal’

Once I got over the shock of not going to the eco reserve with Maude, I had a ton of fun with the homies who came through my new home of Montreal. Since a couple of them are also consultants and freelancers it only makes sense that I give a huge shoutout to them.

  • Josh Kellett’s a social media and online consultant like me. He does a lot of similar stuff, and has a ton of knowledge to impart on people. If you’re looking to dig into the technical details, he can hang… which can’t be said for a lot of consultants these days. Check him out.
  • Adam Chilton’s a videographer who thrives in the cut of the west coast surf. He’s won a bunch of awards for the films he’s produced, shot, and edited. We’ve been friends for nearly twenty years (two decades) at the time of this writing, so while there’s a certain bias at play, I can fully endorse you checking him out and using him to capture the raw energy you’re looking for in your video.


Slowly, they trickled out of town, and within a few days the dust had settled.

Monday morning rolls around and I’ve got work to catch up on.

But first, let’s take a look at how I did in June…


In June I opened $1,574 and closed $3,268 (USD)


When May closed, I’d been surprised with the visitors, and this cut off the last Thursday and Friday of the week before the long weekend away and I was in 11th gear, speedometer red-lining, hadn’t slept in days, was top-level stressed out (props to Maude for being such a strong character when my brain’s squealing at warp speed all day every day)… and it sunk in…

I wasn’t gonna do it.

That illustrious $5,000 month I’d been chasing was two days away and I had 6 friends I’ve known for 20+ years – who I only get to see once or twice per year – living in my apartment. Try as I may to get some work done, it wasn’t going to happen.

This rippled forward after the week they were here, where I’d foregone any prospecting (opening new projects) in lieu of getting work done. Once the long weekend had passed and the work was still needed, I was on my best behavior to get that work out.

It took a week. A long, hung over slow moving, hard-to-focus-on week. Adam and I kept it groovy and checked out a couple cafés to work from during the day. Our boy Ravi opened up September Surf in St Henri – a cafe and shaping studio, where you can watch surfboards get shaped through a plexiglass window while sippin’ on your cappuccino

By the time, I’d finished the work and he was gone, I spent 3 or 4 days sleeping.

Then late Jun I was back on the hunt…


next month's income predictions

(source: Michael Stidham)

Life from in the trenches & looking forward to July…

I entered June on a really hard run, to a really amazing and fun, relaxed, friendly week, then back into the swing of things.

Early July I was back in my groove, but also unraveling the last 6 weeks, looking over my first 6-months, and… falling well short of the $50,000 I “should” have been at, I started to look at my options…

I’d promised myself that I push forward on one idea of getting to $100,000, then going into July I was to assess where things were at, and adjust as needed. July is upon us, so the next month we’ll take a look at where things are at and how we can adjust the plan to improve on where things are are.






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